Corporate America Discovers Donald Trump

I watch with amused surprised as one commercial interest after another disconnects from Donald Trump like a virus-infected thumb drive in the wake of his slanderous statements about Mexico and Mexicans. So far we’ve got Univision, NBC, Macy’s/Target, The Ricky Martin Foundation (a supporter of a golf tournament held at a Trump-owned facility), and 5 Rabbit Brewery (a Trump supplier). Officials of the Mexico Miss Universe Pageant and Hispanic media personalities are part of a growing boycott of the pageant.

I am pleased with the corporate response to Trump’s racism. And I am almost certainly the only person who sees irony in Corporate America’s sudden discovery of Trump’s racist behavior and their willingness to punish him for it. The motives of these corporate leaders must certainly be based on an abhorrence of prejudice and a striving for equality. Dollars and marketing data surely have nothing to do with their actions.

However, I continue to agree with myself as I stated in a post two years ago (

 “Never mind that Donald Trump conducted a long-running racist campaign of slander against the first Black president of the US. His “Apprentice” show went ahead as planned, with Black celebrity has-beens and never-weres climbing over each other to kiss his gold-plated behind while he sent investigators to Hawaii to prove that President Obama wasn’t born in the USA.”

But, as with most things, it takes a lot to wake up Corporate America’s slumbering conscience. I guess it’s the financial equivalent of “no harm – no foul.”


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