Black People: Did You Remember to Give Thanks for President Obama? After All, Look at What He’s Done for Us.

Thanksgiving is past, and we’re well into the spending season, when we all get to do something for our country. Perhaps you’re in the habit of giving thanks. Perhaps this Thanksgiving you gave thanks for all the things that President Obama has done for Black Americans.

In the nearly seven years of Mr. Obama’s presidency, he’s gotten little gratitude for his successes in making life better for Americans. Despite the nonstop barrage of disrespect, obstruction, and sabotage by Republicans, and the spineless collusive acquiescence of the corporate media, President Obama has attempted to make good on his campaign promises to restore the economy, promote the well-being of the middle class, withdraw the US military from Iraq and Afghanistan, close the prison at Guantanamo Bay, reform the immigration system, and expand opportunity for all Americans.

His record is mixed: there are some successes and some frustrations. And we, Black Americans, need to take stock of our fortunes under this administration, as we sit on the brink of another presidential election in 2016. After all, we have to consider the benefits of voting for another, similar (?), Democratic presidency.

What did we get from President Obama? Like billionaire bankers, extraction industry executives, gay Americans, and Latino Americans, Black Americans got exactly what we asked for.

Let’s consider the bankers. The stock market continues to achieve record highs on an almost daily basis. Housing prices are moving toward the limit of middle-class affordability. Basic necessities are increasing in price while workers’ wages remain stagnant in the context of rising worker productivity. And no Wall Street bankers have been indicted, arrested, tried, or jailed.

Extraction industry executives. The US is on the brink of becoming the world’s biggest exporter of crude oil. Extraction of natural gas and shale oil through hydraulic fracturing (fracking) has reached new highs in both production and profits. Despite the efforts of environmentalists, a self-defined Obama constituency, pipelines, investment opportunities, and a new class of rich Americans have proliferated.

Gay Americans. Following the President’s endorsement of gay rights and same-sex marriage, and the administration’s rejection of “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” and DOMA, all but 15 states have voluntary or court-ordered marriage equality.

Latino Americans. In the face of congressional inaction, the President, by executive order, made good on his vow to do what he could to provide relief for unauthorized immigrants and their families.

Black Americans. As for Black Americans, like I said, we got exactly what we asked for. Or maybe I’m exaggerating. I can’t be certain what the President thinks we want. After all, I wasn’t in the room when Reverend Al presented our demands.


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